Sports Guards

Do you enjoy sports? So do we… but we don’t like seeing the dental injuries that they can cause! Unfortunately, everybody knows someone who once caught a fly ball with their teeth. Ouch!

Injuries don’t have to be an inevitable part of sports, though. A sports guard is a simple solution that protects your teeth as well as your peace of mind. If you or your child enjoy sports, please call our Cypress dental office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Devani to find out how to get a customized sports guard to keep your teeth in great shape and prevent painful and costly injuries.

Do I (or My Child) Need a Sports Guard?

Often people only think of a sports guard when they are playing a game like baseball or hockey where the risk of being hit in the face with a flying ball or puck seems pretty high. But a sports guard is helpful for other sports, too, including activities that don’t even involve fast-moving balls!

If you or your child is involved in any of these activities, we strongly recommend wearing a mouth guard:

  • Martial arts
  • Boxing
  • Track and field
  • Wrestling
  • Equestrian activities
  • In-line skating
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Gymnastics
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby

This is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list, so consider your activity carefully and talk to us about your risk of injury.

Which Injuries Will a Sports Guard Prevent?

We see a lot of painful sports injuries here at Premier Smiles Dentistry. Some can be fixed, but others will require more extensive care to repair, including root canals, oral surgery, or extraction and replacement. As you might imagine, this can get expensive fast. We would much rather that our patients talk to us about how injuries can be prevented!

Some of the common injuries we see include:

  • Teeth that are knocked out of place – Teeth can either be knocked further into the socket (known as intrusion) or knocked partly out of the socket (called extrusion). Both of these conditions hurt a great deal and will require some work to fix.
  • Teeth that are knocked completely out – This is a condition known as avulsion. In some cases, we may be able to replace the tooth in the socket, but sometimes we must replace it with a prosthetic, like an implant or a bridge.
  • Fractured teeth – Teeth can break with different levels of severity. If you’re lucky, the break will only affect your enamel. This is a cosmetic issue that can be fixed with bonding or a veneer. For the less lucky, the break will affect the interior structure of your tooth, which may require a root canal or, if the break is very severe, extraction.

A sports guard can prevent all of these injuries.

How Do I Get a Sports Guard?

While you can purchase a sports guard at most sporting goods stores (and these are better than nothing), we highly recommend talking to Dr. Devani first to get a guard that’s customized for your exact needs. To choose a custom sports guard, we’ll take into consideration the sport you will be participating in and the size and shape of your mouth. Your sports guard will be comfortable to wear and won’t interfere with your breathing or your athletic performance.

Call us today to schedule your appointment with Cypress dentist Dr. Nick Devani!