Teeth Whitening

Has your smile lost its sparkle? Discolored or yellowed teeth can dull your smile and make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. At Premier Smiles Dentistry, we think you should never feel like you have to hide your smile.

We offer a few different professional teeth whitening options to rejuvenate your smile. When your teeth are white and healthy, you’ll be eager to show off your smile to everyone you meet!

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Do you need a big improvement in your appearance – fast? Many people come to our Cypress dentist office for in-office whitening because they have a special event coming up, like a wedding, an important job interview, or a reunion.

We offer both Opalescence and Zoom in-office whitening so that we can choose the treatment that is right for you based on the reasoning behind the discoloration as well as other individual factors. You’ll be amazed at the transformation that takes place in just one hour.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

We also offer Opalescence take-home kits that allow you to have professional whitening power on your schedule in the comfort of your own home. We’ll create customized trays that fit snugly over your teeth and prescribe a strength that will give you the results you want without causing discomfort. All you have to do is place the gel in the trays and wear them as directed by Dr. Devani for beautiful, natural-looking results.

Whitening for Life

At Premier Smiles Dentistry, we are proud to offer our patients the Whitening for Life program.

What is Whitening for Life? All you have to do is purchase the initial trays. After that, simply keep up with your regular cleanings and we’ll give you more whitening gel at each of your cleaning appointments. For FREE. With regular cleanings and Whitening for Life, your teeth will stay beautiful and healthy for a lifetime.

What About Drugstore Whitening Kits?

Your local drugstore or supermarket probably has shelves loaded with teeth whitening products that claim to give “professional” results. From toothpastes and rinses to trays and strips, white teeth appear to be available for bargain prices.

Here’s the truth – these products don’t contain the same ingredient strength as professional products, they can’t be customized to meet your needs, and when you attempt to whiten your teeth without professional guidance, you may wind up with discomfort or damage to your enamel.

Many products contain microabrasives that, when used regularly, can remove superficial surface staining. Unfortunately, they won’t get to the deep stains inside your enamel and the abrasives can damage the surface of dental restorations like veneers and crowns. Additionally, because over-the-counter trays aren’t designed specifically for your mouth, product may leak out onto sensitive tissues and cause discomfort.

Why take chances with an inferior product? Call our office to schedule your teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Devani and see what a difference professional teeth whitening can make in your appearance – and your confidence.