Extremely happy with my dentist

"I have been going to Dr. Devani for 2 years now and I’m extremely happy with my dentist. Unlike my other dentist (I was with for more than 10 years), Dr. Devani is very friendly and he really cares about his patient’s teeth. I never heard or witnessed anything like what I’ve experienced at Premier Smiles.. He showed me a video clip of how to floss my teeth the right way… He knew that I was going too rough with brushing my teeth so he also showed me another video clip so I can brush my teeth without damaging me teeth… Seriously, what dentist do you know who takes their time showing their patients what/how to maintain their teeth healthy. I always feel like he’s educating me on oral care. His staffs are very friendly as well.. Im soooooo happy I found a very educated dentist who really cares about his patients and is def. not pushy with his service… Yay… I’m one happy girl when I leave my appointment!! Thanks, Dr, Devani!"